Who we are

We are a Uruguayan company founded in March 2014, which represents,
imports and distributes organic products, with certifications from:
USDA Organic, Non GMO, Fair Trade, U Kosher, and/or GFCO.

We believe in the added value of organic nutrition for the optimal care of our
personal health and that of the planet we live in.

How we work

We run a one stop shop operation by which we represent,
import & distribute all of our products. We contact the manufacturers internationally,
register the products in Uruguay, purchase the goods overseas,
coordinate the shipments and organize the sales in our market,
with the corresponding customer service follow up.
We maintain a constant open communication with our providers and clients
as well as the end consumer, who contacts us via our fan page.

Our mission

To spread the organic lifestyle and put it within the individual’s reach,
so as to generate a positive impact in the eating habits of the Uruguayan family
and therefore contribute, with an improvement in the person’s quality of life.

Nature's Path
Kombucha Wonder Drink
Wholesome Sweeteners